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I will do my best to keep this page updated, but do not get pissed when something is in this page, but is in fact no longer available. Especially for my used stuff there is a considerable chance that you will be too late, because usually I will have only one to offer.
If you find something that you like to have, then please send me an email (


It can happen that the additional text to the items I have for sale in this page is in English. This because I do not want to bother my friends over and over again to translate new texts for me.

Mentioned prices in this page are in euros(!) and they are not negotiable.
Costs for VAT, import tax and shipment are not included.
For shipment costs please check my contact page.


These are my special flowers and you can get them if you like. But…. they are not for sale.

I already have these flowers for several years. I hand-picked them myself out of our garden, conserved them and re-hand-painted them. This took me several days. But now, unlike the other flowers of their kind, they do no longer deteriorate. So, these are really special flowers!

My offer for the flowers is: I will exchange some of my flowers for something special that you can offer me in return.
The better I like what you have to offer, the more flowers I will send you in return. So, surprise me!


Shoes are personal. You love them, or you hate them. I help making my own shoes and obviously those are not for sale, but we have the moulds. So if you like to have a pair, or just one shoe*, then please let me know.

(*I have already had several requests from giant size dolls who like to have just one shoe to put it as artwork in a display for ‘miniatures’… Miniatures? I do not have shrunken feet, so I can assure you that my shoes really are normal size shoes, but indeed they do not fit a giantesses foot. )

- High heels (all kind of colors):   € 50,- per set / € 30,- a piece  
- High heels customized:   € 65,- per set / € 40,- a piece  
- High heel leather boots:   € 200,- per set / € 125,- a piece  
- High heel canvas (like my shoes):   € 275,- per set / € 175,- a piece  
- Clogs – real shoes:   € 65,- per set / € 40,- a piece  
- Clogs – solid (for decoration only):   € 5,- per set  

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Underwear is a bit inaccurate name, because when I wear underwear, then it is not 'under'. I will make sure you can see it. And so, when you cannot not see it, then you can be sure I do not wear it. Anyway, for several years already I do not wear underwear anymore. Nowadays I prefer to wear my daisy shorts in public. This because years ago some giant size dolls in my neighborhood completely freaked out when they noticed me walking in our shopping mall while I was wearing nothing but my favorite string. They complained to Koen and I had to stay inside for months! Absolutely ridiculous, especially given the fact that dolls wearing underwear can be seen in just about every newspaper, magazine, TV show, movie and on the internet. One would expect it to be commonly accepted. Well, apparently it is not. Anyway, it has made me decide not to wear my underwear anymore and so I have now decided to put most of my underwear for sale. It has all been used, but not too much and it is still in good shape. I will offer it one at a time, so when a piece has been sold, then I will add the next one here.

My favorite white string with flower above the buttock cleavage.
You can become the proud new owner of it for just:         € 50,-

(the doll in the photo wearing my string is Lori. She is a 1st generation ScoonimDoll and she is not for sale.)

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I wanted to sell here the Santa outfit that you can see Rosaleintje wearing in the book, but Koen would not have it. No idea why he wants to keep it. Of all ScoonimDolls present here I am the only one at the moment who can wear it and I am definitely not going to wear it. If you are interested in this outfit, then best is for you to check my website regularly. This because someday soon I am going to have a serious chat with Koen about his storage addiction…

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Naughty stuff

Hey, one can never have enough of those, right?! Marvelous things they are. Functional and very decorative. I have quite a lot of them, so this is not really an exclusivity object I have to offer here. Some I have are still new, several I have tested myself (all of those I happily approved!) and others I have turned into decorative artwork.

We still have the moulds of the casted models, so I can make them in another color for you as well. I can even make them transparent if you like!

- Standard models:   € 15,- a piece  
- Specials (solid metal):   € 30,- a piece  
- My decorative Art models and special color models:   € 60,- a piece  

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