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I have to warn you. The printed versions of my book are only available in giant size. This because it appears that having the book printed in normal size (page diagonal 1,5-2 inch) is outrageously expensive. Apparently the smaller the book, the more costly the printing…. Indeed, it fails any logic!
Therefore I advise dolls up on 30 inch in length to buy my e-book version, or get yourself a giant size caddy

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ScoonimDolls are not stock products. Even our Scoonimhead dolls (poseable head on a step-body) are not always instantly available.
We are specials. Not only because there are just a few of us and we are all custom made, but also because of our extensive posing features and numerous of unique innovations in and under our skins.

The ScoonimDolls that we do not make on request do not necessarily have to stay with us. If a ScoonimDoll wants to leave the family then we look for a new home. During this rare occasion the auction section in my website will be active.

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Looking for new shoes? Need a red string? Want to buy yourself some flowers that stay pretty? Searching for some great second hand sex toys?... Then this is a must-see section for you!

All stuff in here is normal size, so no need to worry about whether it fits or not. Well…. unless you are a Barbie doll. Sorry girls, but you really need bigger feet, bumps and boobs to fit ScoonimDoll size clothes. And my clothes and shoes also will not fit giant size dolls, obviously. But.... I can fetch on an old pair of shoes of Koen if you like