I am looking forward to receive your email. But please know that my response to you will be in English or Dutch.


I will also add here the email address of Koen. He is the creator of ScoonimDolls. But I have to warn you, he is not a ScoonimDoll himself. He is an embee ( a ‘human’ if you prefer that word). If you want to commission us to make a ScoonimDoll , then I very much prefer for you to contact him instead of me. This because when I forget to inform him about a commission request, then I am in BIG trouble.

Here is his email address:

If you want to send us something by mail, or when you want to visit us:

ScoonimDolls Animated
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 83
6828ZN Arnhem
The Netherlands

Frequent updates of my reflections and photos of my daily life I post on Facebook. Just look for Stellai. We may even become friends there.

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On books that you have ordered through this website and for which you have been redirected to Amazon, or to another distributor, only their return/refund policy is applicable. We ourselves only offer service on issues concerning the special books, dolls and goods from my other stuff that has been delivered directly to you by me, or Koen (ScoonimDolls Animated). However, we do not offer any warranty on special made and/or customized products. Damage to something that we have specially made for you we will try to repair to the best of our abilities, but it is not free of charge.