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The price of this special edition is:       € 100,- (euros)

      Special features:
      - hardcover
      - limited edition
      - excellent quality book
      - cover diagonal 14,8 inch
      - hand signed by me (optional)
      - uncensored photos (optional)
      - Rosaleintje's glamorous nude photo series included (optional) ---------->
      - printing of the book and shipment will be personally supervised by me.
(nude image!!)
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How to order the special edition of the book ‘Rosaleintje’

            This special book can only be ordered by email:
            - Click on one of the links below and download, or copy the ordering form into your email to me.
            - Please fill in the form and send it to me as an email, or as an attachment to your email.

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        My email address is:
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Shipment and costs
Payment information

- Returns / refund
This book will be specially made to your personal preferences. Because of this there is no money refund if you would decide to return it.

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